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March 20, 2013 marks the fourth National Registered Dietitian Day in Canada. (In the United States, it was March 13.) The purpose of the day is to celebrate RDs as healthcare professionals and draw attention to the value of their specialized skills and knowledge.

In a time when North Americans are becoming more and more unhealthy, the RD profession is a very important one. In a statement released by the Ontario Legislature, all party members advocated for RDs. As Mrs. Christine Elliott said:

“According to the Healthy Kids Panel, obesity does not just hurt individuals but all of society. In 2009, obesity cost Ontario $4.5 billion—$1.6 billion in direct health care costs and $2.87 billion in indirect costs. Dietitians are valuable partners in limiting health care costs by preventing and managing chronic conditions. During Nutrition Month and all year long, dietitians work to get Ontarians back on track by eating well and living more healthfully. The Dietitians of Canada conducted an Ipsos Reid poll in the spring of 2012 and found that 63% of Canadians struggle with making healthier food choices at least half the time they shop, and more than one third struggle at least 75% of the time.”

At Enthrive, RDs are the core of our services. They give evidence-based one-on-one nutrition advice and coaching that is realistic and non-judgmental; stay up to date on the latest nutrition and weight management research; create customized meal programs and more—all to help our clients meet their goals. And it works: In 2012, 99.6% of our active clients reported making progress.

RDs go beyond educating clients about nutrition and making meal plans—they also provide friendly support. We asked Lynne Richard Moore about what was most rewarding about working with her Enthrive RD. “Having someone who really understands every little food issue I had and still have, and who worked with me to make my success happen in a healthy and non-depriving way,” she said. “Also having someone who is not just doing her job and treating you like another client—my RD makes me feel like a friend and I can tell with every single encounter we have that the encouragement is truly sincere.”

So from all of us here at Enthrive: Thank you, RDs, for your continuous commitment to improving health and nutrition.

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